….KuKula faceva illustrazioni per i giornali,
i giornali hanno fatto ammalare KuKula,
KuKula stava per morire, KuKula ha lasciato perdere.
KuKula è nata in Israele,
in Israele c’è la spiaggia e ci sono un sacco di amici con cui giocare nella sabbia,
KuKula è scappata lontano lontano in America.
America è grande, no amici no greencard no cibo,
per mangiare KuKula ha dovuto disegnare,
KuKula ora non ha più fame.



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  1. Jung Min KIm

    Hi, Nice to meet you.

    I’m Jung Min from Korea who is preparing to open on-line T-Shirt store, 2out.com.
    (We are tryingn to create 2out.com like “threadless” in Korea.)

    So, actually we are looking for good designers someone like you.
    (We are also trying to find Korean designers, but so far, we couldn’t find good designers who could be matched exactly on our concept)

    If you do not mind, would you be our partner-designer who can share the profit?

    As you may konw, Korean T-Shirt market and demands are really huge, and we strongly believe that if we can use your design, we can sell the T-Shirt a lot.

    If you are interested in Korean T-Shirts market and customers, please read our offer below and please reply me.

    Thank you very much.


    Jung Min Kim

    Planning Manager
    C: 82-11-9881-7179

    – 2out.com Offer –

    (1) We would like to use your designs to make 2out.com T-Shirt.

    (2) We will give you US$3 by each T-Shirt that is sold.
    – For example, if ten T-Shirts made by your design will be sold, we will give you US$30.
    – We will pay you evevry month.

    (3) You will still have your design copyright.

    The end.


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